Why Choose Addhost?

High End Technology

As fast as they come

Our high-end servers are based in South Africa, this offers our South African clients unrivalled speed and security. Running on the powerful and reliable CentOs DDS platform with 99.9% guaranteed uptime, regular backups, spam controls, password protected directories and free support, you will be confident in the knowledge that your site is secure and reaching your intended market, even while you sleep.

Local Servers

Stay Close At Home

Hosted in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, premium bandwidth connects your Virtual Server to the internet with no contention ratio or shaping, just pure quality. We peer with NAPAfrica which ensures connectivity to your server takes the shortest and quickest route.

Full Customization

You're Always In Control

We cater for any VPS size and specification. From a small private virtual server up to a large private cloud with custom networking. All servers are provided root/Administrator level access upon spin up giving you full control over your platform.